Wednesday, January 6, 2010

our biggest news

First it said Positive, then we had our first appointment than confirmed we were pregnant and then on December 1st we found out it is a BOY! We are so excited!

Catching up/San Diego and Mexico

In October Steve and I went to Mexico on a 3 day cruise with some friends of ours. We loved the warm weather. I then stayed with Jacee in San Diego while the others drove back to Utah. I was very sick with pregnancy and thought a 2 hour flight was better than a 12 hour drive.

Catching up/ fun pics

In August Jacee came to Utah for her sister-in-laws wedding. We took pics by the water fall. Shelbi was sooo cute!

Catching Up/Grandpa Retirement party

Smile cause you never know who is going to be taking you picture!
We never thought Grandpa would really retire....but its about time. We all had so much fun being together and enjoying this moment.

Catch up/ G-pa retirement party

Grandpa Whiteley is finally Retired!! All 6 of his kids were there and many of the grand-kids, Some we havn't seen in many years. We had a lot of fun together. Thank you Aunt Lisa for all your hard work in making it happen. We love you Grandpa!

June 2009 we went with my Grandma to her condo time share in San Diego, CA. It was Shelbi's first time to the ocean. she loved it and it was so much fun to spend time with family. Especially the ones we don't get to see very often. THANKS GRANDMA GINNA!!!!

catch up

Steve and I went on The Pioneer Trek to Martin's Cove in June 2009. It was a lot of fun. It was great to learn and see where our ancestors came across to come to the Salt Lake Valley.