Monday, September 6, 2010

Ethan's 1st Vacation

Kalee and I decided to go see Jacee in San Diego California. We took the kids (Ethan, Shelbi, and Jocelyn) on there 1st air plane ride. They all did better than I was expecting. Although we should have packed lighter because it was a pain in the butt to get 3 carry on's plus shelbi's car seat while holding two babies in our arms onto the plane. Im sure it was a very funny sight but not one person on a full flight offered to help, they all just sat there and watched. People can be so rude sometimes. But then to top the situation off, after getting situated and in our seats the pilot told us that the weather was too bad to fly and everyone had to debord. Kalee was so mad it was funny. but we waited until the very last person was getting off before standing up and right then they all started to get back on. We just sat there, grateful we didn't have to get off and smiling at everyone as they passed to get back on the plane...... so I do have to say that pay backs really do happen

We spent the night at Jacee's house Friday and met her new dog Basil. she is less than two lbs and so very cute. It was so hot that we had to wait until it was almost dark to walk to the park. Shelbi was so excited and had so much fun. While we were there I put Ethan in the swing and he just loved it. This was Jacee's first time to meet and play with both Jocelyn and Ethan.

On Saturday we all drove to Arizona for my cousin AJ's wedding. (he is the only son of my dad's sister Paula) It was a long drive with all the stops we had to make but it was fun. We stayed in the Cibola Vista Resort in Peoria AZ. It was a nice place but Arizona was verrrrrrry hot. (108 degrees) We had dinner that night at Shelby's house (AJ's fiancee) and got to meet everyone in the wedding party. At the dinner table my family got laughing so hard at so many things that her family came over to ask us what we were drinking and was totally shocked when they found out it was only water. It was so funny. That is the power of water...nearly makes you pee your pants:)

My cousin AJ and Shelby were married on Sunday September 5th. It was a great day and only about 99 degrees. They looked so cute together.
Monday I took Ethan to the pool for the 1st time. He cried at first but than was having a good time towards the end. I think we all had a good time.

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Craig & Cynthia said...

It looks like you had a great vacation! That is so much fun!!