Tuesday, September 28, 2010

part 2 of Ethan's 1st vacation

Ethan and Shelbi got to go for a free pony ride. Shelbi absolutely loved it. Ethan was not sure, he couldn't figure out what it was he was suppose to do. It was fun though.

Everyone enjoyed swimming at the pool. even Aj's wife Shelby decided to come join. We did have lots of fun and tried to destress from all the wedding fun.

Then Kalee, Jacee, and I with the 3 kids drove back to California. This time I think it took us about 9 hours with all the stops. and poor Kalee was stuck sitting between two crying babies most the whole trip and at one point she was trying to feed both at the same time to try and get them to stop crying. It was a hard job but way-t0-go kalee!!!! Next time we are going to drive during the night so they all sleep.
Then back at Jacee's we stayed 2 nights before flying home. Hurley was so excited to see shelbi and Shelbi was so excited to play with Hurley. But after a long 8 day vacation we were all ready to get home and get back to a normal schedule.

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